Montezuma Easter Campaign 2021

Loved working on this retro-inspired social media spot on YouTube for the Montezuma confectionery brand’s Easter Campaign 2021.  We managed to license the original public domain recording of ‘Chick Chick Chick Chick Chicken (Lay A Little Egg For Me)’ recorded in 1925.  Big thanks to The Wise Group for making the spot happen.

New Work : Hugo Boss SS19 catwalk show NY

Hugo Boss screengrab2

Great to have worked on the super speedy track clearances for the latest Hugo Boss SS19 catwalk show, which took place on Sunday 9th September. HUGE thanks to all the rights holders who turned this last minute request around in 24 hours.

View catwalk show here

‘The Beach’ by Michael Regner (OST – 303)
‘Delay Gratification’ by Pye Corner Audio
‘Nimatek’ by Oliver Koletzki and Niko Schwind
‘Sugar For The Pills’ by Slowdive
‘Inconsist’ by Olafur Arnalds
‘Dreamers Wake’ by Rival Consoles


James : Living In Extraordinary Times

James : Living In Extraordinary Times
Released 3rd August 2018
Sync rights : BMG – master and publishing (one stop) UK & EIRE

“James remain urgent and contemporary” – MOJO
“It’s as though as they get older, James is channelling the spirit of punk, subverting expectations and forever doing everything on their own terms.” – Louder Than War 8/10
“‘Capturing a band over 35 years in who are experimenting and sounding rejuvenated” – UNCUT 7/10

Incredible to think that James have just released their 15th album ‘Living In Extraordinary Times’. The album is fresh, with beautiful electronic percussive flourishes, horns and themes of togetherness, home, belonging, life’s journey and reflection. Produced by Mercury Prize winning producer Charlie Andrew (Alt-J) and rising star Beni Giles (Otzeki) with his rhythmical beats; even Brian Eno does a stint on the keyboards of ‘Coming Home (Pt 2)’ – not bad for a Manc band who formed in 1982.

TRACKS – edit points and sync notes

(HORNS) Hank
edit points : listen from 0:52 – lovely horns/2:46 rousing
sync notes : drums / determined / horns / rousing

(HOME) Coming Home (Pt.2)
edit points : listen from 0:50/1:53/3:08 in
sync notes :  reflective / regret / family / home

(TOGETHER) Leviathan (explicit)
sync notes : quirky / fast-paced percussion / build / uplifting / together / reflective / friendship / there for you / love / explicit 

edit point : listen from 2:27 – epic orchestral/percussive build
sync notes : electronic intro / quirky intro / drums / percussive / heys / political / freedom / orchestral / fast-paced

(BELONGING) Many Faces
edit point : listen from 3:00 in
sync notes : love / trumpets / magical / percussive / reflective / belonging

(LIFE’S JOURNEY) How Hard the Day
sync notes : wonky intro / reflective / life’s journey  

(STRANGE TIMES) Extraordinary Times (explicit)
edit points : listen from 1:30/2:18 in
sync notes : determined intro / explicit / life’s journey / wonder

(MYSTERIOUS) Picture of This Place (explicit)
edit point : listen from 3:31 in
sync notes : mysterious / percussive / electronic / beats / bleeps / whispered vocal / dark side of the 80s feel / wonky

(DREAMY) Hope to Sleep
edit point : listen from 2:30 in – dreamy
sync notes : somber / reflective / sleep

(SPORTS) Better Than That
edit point : listen from 1:00 in
sync notes : sports / can do anything / uplifting

sync notes : quirky intro / percussive / reflective / horns

(PLAYFUL) What’s It All About
sync notes : percussive / playful / change / reflective / love / questioning, strings

(REFLECTIVE) Backwards Glances (bonus track)
sync notes : slow / reflective / life’s journey / ohs ahs and ba ba bas

(UPLIFTING) Trouble (Demo)
edit points: listen from 1:07/2:00 in
sync notes : reflective instr intro / yes / uplifting / love / uplifting

(XX intro) Moving Car (Demo)
edit point : 3:52 nice instrumental break
sync notes : youth / reflective / percussive / The XX / life’s journey

(REFLECTIVE) Overdose (Demo)
sync notes : reflective / piano / toxic relationship / complicated love