Mint Music Vol 83 : Mixtape #11

Welcome to mixtape #11. Featuring tracks lovingly currated from Mr Bongo, Perfect Songs, DefDisco and Peer, featuring hip hop, body percussion, soul, house and indie pop, with ‘home’, ‘beauty’, ‘atmospheric’, ‘sports’, ‘growing up’ and ‘feel-good’ sync themes. 

Public Enemy | Scouting For Girls | Souls | Swim Deep | Malka | Fono | Barbatuques | Arches | Si Cranstoun | Lovestarrs (formerly The Good Natured)

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Tracklising :

(HIP HOP) Earthizen / Public Enemy
(SPORTS) Eyes on the Prize / Malka
(HOME) Home / Scouting For Girls
(GROWING UP) Forever Spaceman / Swim Deep
(ATMOSPHERIC) I Wait For You / Souls
(SOULFUL) Like It Like That / Si Cranstoun
(BEAUTY) Get Your Sexy On / Lovestarrs
(SEDUCTIVE) Real Joy (The Dealer Funk Remix)  / Fono
(BODY PERCUSSION) Valsa Manca / Barbatuques
(LOVE) New Love (radio edit) / Arches feat Karen Harding