James : Living In Extraordinary Times

James : Living In Extraordinary Times
Released 3rd August 2018
Sync rights : BMG – master and publishing (one stop) UK & EIRE

“James remain urgent and contemporary” – MOJO
“It’s as though as they get older, James is channelling the spirit of punk, subverting expectations and forever doing everything on their own terms.” – Louder Than War 8/10
“‘Capturing a band over 35 years in who are experimenting and sounding rejuvenated” – UNCUT 7/10

Incredible to think that James have just released their 15th album ‘Living In Extraordinary Times’. The album is fresh, with beautiful electronic percussive flourishes, horns and themes of togetherness, home, belonging, life’s journey and reflection. Produced by Mercury Prize winning producer Charlie Andrew (Alt-J) and rising star Beni Giles (Otzeki) with his rhythmical beats; even Brian Eno does a stint on the keyboards of ‘Coming Home (Pt 2)’ – not bad for a Manc band who formed in 1982.

TRACKS – edit points and sync notes

(HORNS) Hank
edit points : listen from 0:52 – lovely horns/2:46 rousing
sync notes : drums / determined / horns / rousing

(HOME) Coming Home (Pt.2)
edit points : listen from 0:50/1:53/3:08 in
sync notes :  reflective / regret / family / home

(TOGETHER) Leviathan (explicit)
sync notes : quirky / fast-paced percussion / build / uplifting / together / reflective / friendship / there for you / love / explicit 

edit point : listen from 2:27 – epic orchestral/percussive build
sync notes : electronic intro / quirky intro / drums / percussive / heys / political / freedom / orchestral / fast-paced

(BELONGING) Many Faces
edit point : listen from 3:00 in
sync notes : love / trumpets / magical / percussive / reflective / belonging

(LIFE’S JOURNEY) How Hard the Day
sync notes : wonky intro / reflective / life’s journey  

(STRANGE TIMES) Extraordinary Times (explicit)
edit points : listen from 1:30/2:18 in
sync notes : determined intro / explicit / life’s journey / wonder

(MYSTERIOUS) Picture of This Place (explicit)
edit point : listen from 3:31 in
sync notes : mysterious / percussive / electronic / beats / bleeps / whispered vocal / dark side of the 80s feel / wonky

(DREAMY) Hope to Sleep
edit point : listen from 2:30 in – dreamy
sync notes : somber / reflective / sleep

(SPORTS) Better Than That
edit point : listen from 1:00 in
sync notes : sports / can do anything / uplifting

sync notes : quirky intro / percussive / reflective / horns

(PLAYFUL) What’s It All About
sync notes : percussive / playful / change / reflective / love / questioning, strings

(REFLECTIVE) Backwards Glances (bonus track)
sync notes : slow / reflective / life’s journey / ohs ahs and ba ba bas

(UPLIFTING) Trouble (Demo)
edit points: listen from 1:07/2:00 in
sync notes : reflective instr intro / yes / uplifting / love / uplifting

(XX intro) Moving Car (Demo)
edit point : 3:52 nice instrumental break
sync notes : youth / reflective / percussive / The XX / life’s journey

(REFLECTIVE) Overdose (Demo)
sync notes : reflective / piano / toxic relationship / complicated love

Azusena ‘Red Sky’ (file under Lana Del Rey)

Azusena has just signed to Caroline/Fiction and her debut single ‘Red Sky’ is out now and has a nod to Lana Del Rey and Pumarosa. (Publishing is via Sentric and registered for TV usage.)
Her honeyed, enticing voice brings weight to her folky, electronic soul, and she says “If I couldn’t write my own music, I wouldn’t be doing this. I could never let anyone write my songs for me, especially my lyrics. They are so personal.”
 Screenshot 2017-07-24 14.48.59
Having a mother who worked alongside Prince for 12 years and an 80’s supermodel father, is quite a parentage for Azusena.
Her origins span the majority of continents – Europe, America and Asia. Azusena grew up splitting her time between the USA and Britain. Born in New York, she went to boarding school in Wales but spent the majority of her life in the Wirral which she considers home.
She sites The Cocteau Twins as her favourite band of all time, and Kid A is her favourite album, however Azusena sees film as her single biggest influence with Wim Wenders and Jean-Jacques Beineix having the biggest impact. “I have always listened to mantras and melodies and instrumentals so I try to incorporate that in to my own music.”
Insta: @azusenamusik

New Music : Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore : ‘Rock’N’Roll Consciousness’

Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore’s ‘Rock’N’Roll Consciousness’ is an album of fewer songs (only 5), fewer vocals and gorgeous guitar work. The album kicks off with Exalted, a dream-like rhythmical instrumental, followed by Cusp with its threshing tempo and annihilating distortion. Next up Turn On with its sprawling core melodies, then Smoke of Dreams’ mesmerizing guitar solo and finished off with sheer noise guitar on Aphrodite. Just stunning.

New Music : Sylvan Esso ‘What Now’


US boy/girl duo Sylvan Esso’s second album ‘What Now’ is a brimming with quirky electronica. Radio fizzes with Tune-Yards-style energy, Kick Jump Twist is a slice of irreverent, beepy, minimal pop with a robotic zeal, while Die Young is more mournful, underpinned by a brilliant 80s arcade-game synth line that fades away only to make repeated comebacks. Elsewhere, Sound makes a play for the Japanese House’s ambient soundscapes and Song has more than a nod to The Cure.

2017 – a taste of what’s to come #newmusic

Here’s a lovely assortment of new releases from Caroline International,
with many new albums on their way.  

Valerie June : soulful vocalist. New album due March
British Sea Power : new album after 4 years released in March
Glass Animals new clean edit of ‘Pork Soda’ and remix of ‘Season 2 Episode 3’ ahead of their Brixton Academy gig
The Amazons, The Big Moon and Pumarosa hotly-anticipated debut albums due in the Spring 
Flo Morrissey & Matthew E White sublime covers duet album
The welcome return of Marika Hackman, The Dandy Warhols, Pulled Apart By Horses, The New PornographersBush, the legendary Van Morrison and Paul Weller’s remix of Syd Arthur and singles from Vitalic, AFI, Banfi, Dan CrollTwin Peaks, Tom Williams, Childish Gambino, Palace, Sylvan Esso, James Hersey, Drones ClubDenzel Curry, Day Wave, Joseph J Jones, Cate Le Bon, Matthew & The Atlas and Plaitum 

*Caroline International controls master rights for all artists.