Mr Bongo have a wealth of one-stop / easy clear tracks for sync. One of the most high-profile acts being the legendary and much sampled Incredible Bongo Band.

The brain child of film and record producer Michael Viner, the band were put together in 1972 to supplement the soundtrack to the B-Movie film The Thing With Two Heads. They went from a loose studio collective to an instrumental pop covers consortium, interpreting classics of the day in their own inimitable percussion-heavy fashion. Viner recorded ‘The Incredible Bongo Band’ at MGM studios during down time assembling line-ups from whoever was available at the time.

Mr Bongo controls all the masters on the rest of the album including covers of ‘Apache’, ‘Wipe Out’, ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’, ‘In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida’ and killer percussive tracks like ‘Let There Be Drums’ and ‘Bongolia’, along with the beautifully laid-back and much sampled ‘Okey Dokey’.

Mint Music Vol 98 : One-stop 60s garage

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Fairwood Publishing have the most sublime 60s garage catalogue available for one-stop master and publishing clearance.

includes The Sonics, The Kingsmen, The Counts, The New Yorkers, The Bards, Tom Thumb & The Casuals + original instrumentals.

Here’s a little Spotify introduction to get your groove on :